Alba is a designer. You can see some of that work here if you click on this.

She prefers the parts of the world that are generally considered to be ugly and is interested in the marriage of opposed materials in architecture.

She is confused about home. Because it was first Spain but it’s also England and Sweden. University was in Montréal at McGill — that was for neuroscience and philosophy. It brought life to Stockholm for a sweet while. But it’s LA for now. That means formerly designing at Commune Design where she worked on interior architecture, furniture design, and writing about things. Now it’s all of that and more for Charlap Hyman & Herrero. 

Nobody asked, but she makes playlists which you can find by clicking here and they probably reveal something about her. She has an Instagram and if you click here you’ll get to it. That probably reveals something too.

If you’re interested, she is probably interested too. She can do things in AutoCad and the Adobe Suite — how original. You can call her on an actual phone if you want by dialing +1 (310) 486-6798. Email works too, which means you’d send something to