Ok, first have a look athis store design collaboration with Emma Newbern for Olderbrother. It became a thing done together for a few seasons. It was also used as the set for this music video. The whole thing was inspired by a closet weed growing operation that may have taken place in your parent’s basement in the seventies (shag carpet) but also required a plant listening station for when you would make music from ashwagandha leaves (of course). Here’s a thing about that. 

Then there’s all the other work she’s done at Commune.

It is basically a lot more designing (a bakery, a spa, a restaurant, an apartment complex, a few houses, plenty of furniture). There is also a lot of writing (like thoughts about discos in Japan). If you are curious about it, Alba is curious about you. Text her on her cell phone maybe +1(310)486-6798 or send her an email at albaisabellakane@gmail.com and you’ll get some nice photos in a nice little PDF.